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A big phish is in the water – BEC

That flowery email from a Nigerian Prince who can’t spell has been supplanted by a far more dangerous phish — the Business Email Compromise (“BEC”). According to the FBI, in the past two years over 8,000 businesses, small and large, have been victimized by BEC attacks for combined losses of over $1.2 billion. What is […]

New DOL Rule Suspended

A federal court in Texas has ruled that there is a substantial likelihood that a proposed new DOL rule that increases the threshold salary for exempt employees violates the law. Earlier this year, the Department of Labor published new rules, one of which raised the threshold salary for exempt employees from $23,660 to $47,476. The […]

Why should I train my workforce in employment law?

When asked to identify the most frequent type of litigation pending against their company, 40% of findlaw.com survey respondents cited labor and employment cases.  According to the respondents, employers are subjected to the most monetary exposure by race, age, and wage-and-hour claims. Not coincidentally, the EEOC reported in its January 2012 Performance and Accountability Report […]